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A stable home requires a strong foundation as a bedrock to stand on. Foundation problems can cause significant home damages, so it’s in your best interest to fix your foundation issues as quickly as possible.

Jangel Solutions offers home foundation repair services in Providence, RI. We can address any issues with your foundation and provide a permanent fix.

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Common Foundation Problems

The foundation is an integral structural component of your house. As such, foundation problems can manifest as several issues.


Visible cracking in the exterior of your home is the most obvious sign of foundation problems. Small cracks less than 1/16th an inch are normally not a cause for concern, but larger gaps can be an indicator that your house is settling improperly. Horizontal cracks are usually more of a concern than vertical cracks.


It is normal for your house to settle slightly over time. However, if you experience noticeable sinking or that one side of your home is lower than the other, it could be a problem with your foundation. Contractors will fix sinking by drilling extra supports and piers into your foundation to lift your house.


Upheaval refers to your foundation rising after shifting upwards. In other words, foundation upheaval is the opposite of foundation sinking. As your foundation rises, it can push your walls outwards, causing a slight “bowing” near the tops.

Typically, foundation upheaval is due to water leaks in your foundation. Foundational upheaval can also be a result of sediment and trapped water freezing during the winter. Clay foundations have the potential to expand and lift the house when they absorb water.

Gaps in Doors or Windows

Your foundation keeps all the other parts of your home in the correct location relative to one another. As your foundation shifts, it can warp walls, causing large gaps under your doors and windows. Foundation problems can also move double doors out of alignment. One sign of gaps in your doors and windows is frequent drafts or an inability to shut properly.

Uneven Floors

Foundation can lower your floor by over two inches. Depending on how your foundation moves, it can cause your floor to sage unevenly near the center. Uneven floors can also be a safety hazard, so you should get sagging floors fixed as quickly as possible. One simple way to test floor alignment is to drop a ball and see if it rolls in a particular direction.

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Foundation problems can cause major damage to your home and, in some cases, render it uninhabitable. If you notice any signs of foundation issues, call a professional immediately. Addressing the problem quickly can be the difference between restoring your foundation or more expensive repairs.

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