Flooring Installation and Replacement

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Flooring is one of the most important decisions homeowners make. Floor appearance and materials contribute greatly to the look and feel of your home. So, taking time to choose between flooring options is essential.

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Common Flooring Materials

Homeowners have several flooring options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular materials for flooring installations.


Hardwood floors are incredibly popular with homeowners due to their natural and luxurious appearance. Woods such as oak, hickory, walnut, and cherry have a long lifespan and are excellent insulators. Treated wood floors are also durable and can handle significant foot traffic and moisture.


Laminate is a cheaper alternative to wood floors that provides similar durability and a variety of colors. Laminate floors are also generally cheaper than hardwood. One main disadvantage is that laminate floors are more susceptible to water damage, but they are also easy to install and replace.


Ceramic and stone are two popular flooring materials that provide a natural, rustic appearance. Both ceramic and stone are extremely durable and virtually waterproof. As such, they are a popular choice for bathrooms and home entryways. However, stone/ceramic floors are expensive and difficult to install.


Vinyl flooring was the “low-grade” flooring option about a decade ago, but today’s vinyl floors are highly sophisticated and mimic some of the best properties of wood and stone. Synthetic flooring is versatile, water-resistant, easy to install, and relatively affordable. Synthetic flooring also comes in a wide range of patterns and designs.


Benefits of Updating Your Flooring

Increase Home Resale Value

One of the major benefits of redoing your floors is that it can significantly increase your home’s resale value. A typical flooring replacement can provide a 106% ROI.


Old floors collect debris and are a breeding ground for pests and pathogens. For example, replacing old carpet with new flooring can reduce the number of allergens and dust. New flooring also removes any odors or stains from your old floors.

Energy Efficiency

Old floors have cracks and may contain thermally inefficient materials. New flooring materials, such as bamboo, cork, and linoleum, are thermally efficient and can lower heating costs during the cold months.

Style and Function

Your old floors may look out of date or not match the style of your home decor. New flooring can spruce up your home and provide a modern aesthetic. Additionally, new flooring can eliminate functional or structural defects, such as warped tiling, cracked panels, or water damage.


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