About Us

Jangel Solutions provides general construction services across the great Providence area. We have worked with countless homeowners and business owners on their contracting projects. Our dedication to our craft sets us apart from our competitors. If you are looking for general contracting services, then look no further!

Why Choose Us

We stand behind the high quality of our work. Whether we are performing small repairs or replacing your entire home foundation, we double and triple-check our work to make sure it is up to professional and legal standards. You won’t find shoddy repairs and makeshift solutions when you hire us.

Jangel Solutions employs a team of knowledgeable and professional craftsmen. We provide all general construction services and construction logistics management. Whether you need a kitchen designer to replace your kitchen island or want to remodel your entire house, we can get the job done.

Good construction services are hard to come by today, so don’t settle for less. When you need help with your next home renovation or home improvement project, we are here to help. Our goal is to make your construction projects as hassle-free as possible.

Today’s market is full of essentially limitless options for custom renovations. Double vanities, new countertops, and subway tile walls are some of the most popular remodeling options. With several materials to choose from, such as wood, metal, ceramic, or glass, you can find a surface and style that works for you. Even if you don’t need a full remodel, new paint and tiles can spruce up your bathroom for yourself and your guests.